About us

Arc Eye Artworks design and hand make furniture and unusual artwork at our workshop near Bath. Our range of furniture, lighting and sculpture is designed with both the home and garden in mind. We like practical objects that do the job as intended honestly, reliably and for a lifetime. Making those pieces beautiful - in a way that captures the eye and lifts the mood - is a core part of our philosophy.

We believe that functional can also be inspiring, and that's why we pay close attention to the detail of the design and the finish of the materials. It's this quality - the line of the metal ground finish that's smooth to touch, the seamless join of metal on wood - that makes our work unique. Our work is contemporary but looks equally at home in snug period cottages and lofty warehouse apartments alike.

We specialise in individual commissions and all our work is produced to order.

Latest project


Bedframe imageCurrent commissions include bespoke bedframes for private clients based on the Arc Eye Artworks steel and oak construction. For more details see here